What is DevOps?

DevOps is the union of people, processes and technologies to enable the continuous delivery of value to customers. 

The term DevOps, composed of dev (development) and ops (operations), gives name to a software development practice that unifies the development and IT operations. 

It means coordination and collaboration between disciplines that were previously isolated. 

Safety equipment and quality engineering are also part of the broader team in the DevOps model.

DevOps includes major practices, such as planning and tracking, development, compilation and testing, delivery, monitoring and operations. These practices, together with the tools and technologies of DevOps, allow to automate the life cycle of the applications. Processes that used to be manual and slow for teams, such as updating the code or provisioning a new environment, can be done quickly and continuously when using DevOps tools and practices. In addition, it is easier to meet safety and reliability standards, because these considerations are integrated into the process.


With DevOps, your organization has what it takes to deliver better products in less time. 

By bringing together people, processes and technologies with shared practices and tools, you get the advantages of reduced development times, shorter time to market and higher quality products. More information about DevOps practices and how to start using it.

-Source of information – Microsoft-

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